Badger Tripper Walnut Forest Edition


This paddle plants one tree!

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The Tripper is a very effective and popular canoe tripping paddle based on slicy modified ottertails. A hybrid paddle, Badger has taken their favourite aspects from the original BadgerPaw and Tripper designs and combined them into one. The result is an extremely fluid, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing paddle. This design is a top choice for trippers – or those who spend most of their day in the canoe

Over the years we have made subtle and slight changes to our Tripper until we came to the final shape we use now. This is Badger’s most popular paddle due to its classic traditional look, smooth, quiet fluidity, and a blade size that is preferable to a wide range of paddlers. The blade carries its volume a little higher with a thin tip allowing for a smoother entry in to the water, with plenty of volume once the full blade enters the water in the mid point of your stroke.

Badger’s signature hand shaped transitional ridge (between the shaft and blade) allows for a strong backbone traveling well into the paddle blade. It then gradually tapers into the blade allowing for uniform flex towards the center. The ridge also creates a smooth flow of water around the blade on the surface allowing for a more smooth and fluid stroke.

*Comes with Badger Paddle Sock to protect your paddle during transport or storage


*All FOREST EDITION CANOE PADDLES will be marked by way of a unique engraving depicting an artistic “paddle tree”. This custom artwork matches the paddle’s blade style and the species of tree the paddle was built from. Just a small reminder of the great forest your paddle could help to grow.

One Tree Planted reforestation projects encompass the globe, include regions in Canada (including British Colombia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec), USA (including the Appalachias, California, Florida, Idaho, Oregon, and other National Forests). Other forest regions include Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even Europe! Visit One Tree Planted online for their most current planting projects.